Our Story

For nearly 20 years, AC Lion has been connecting next generation companies to exceptional talent, while forging long-term, impactful relationships. Whether you are a brand looking for digital strategy, a startup looking to scale quickly, a disruptive tech hitting the market, a publisher looking to increase content distribution and sales, a video or mobile company selling into agencies or brands, AC Lion delivers. 

Having done over 100,000 candidate interviews, and with over 150 million in compensation to date, we know how to recognize top talent. You can’t afford a bad hire, and our unparalleled knowledge of the digital space is bar none. We have successfully placed thousands of candidates in the emerging tech market. With headquarters in NYC, and offices in Austin and Los Angeles, we put our network to work for you.


Nationwide staffing focused in key media markets – NYC, LA, SF, Austin, Chicago

Over 95% of our clients are repeat customers

Almost 20 years of deep domain head hunting experience in digital, technology and sales recruiting

Over 150,000 relationships with digital professionals

77% of our candidates come through referrals, networking and our vast database

Over 1,000 clients ranging from Fortune 100s to emerging media startups

AC Lion fills mid-level and supporting teams

LionsEye Group delivers C-suite and exec level talent

From Modems to Mobile: AC Lion’s History

  • AC Lion logo


    • AC Lion opens its doors
    • Started as a tech engineering recruiting firm
    • The average time Americans spent online at this time is 30 minutes! (Things have surely changed).

  • Google Logo


    • Google launches
    • The birth of the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Salesforce.com

  • Linkedin Logo


    • Dot-com bubble bursts
    • Mobile advertising makes its debut
    • In December, LinkedIn launched (Alan is one of the original users at)

  • Google Logo


    • MySpace and Skype launched in 2003
    • Facebook, Yelp, and Gmail were created in 2004
    • AC Lion was featured in NYT
    • YouTube launched in 2005

  • Twitter Logo


    • Twitter is launched in 2006
    • The first iPhone is born in 2007
    • AC Lion opens its LA office in 2008

  • WSJ Logo


    • AC Lion opens San Fran office in 2009
    • Instagram launches in 2010
    • CEO Alan Cutter is interviewed for a feature in WSJ in 2011

  • LionsEye Logo


    • AC Lion moves into our new office on 35th and 7th
    • In 2013, launch our retained division LionsEye Group
    • AC Lion opens our Austin office in 2014

  • Inc Logo


    • AC Lion takes a trip to the DR for reaching their highest revenue goal in company history!
    • AC Lion is featured in Inc.com on the ``gamification`` of our sales culture
    • Much more to come!

What People Say About AC Lion

“Jamie is an amazing recruiter to work with. She is extremely responsive to all communication, and works diligently to get to know her candidates on a personal as well as professional level. She made my interview processes as painless as possible, and I hope to have the pleasure of working with her again in the future.”
Alissa Winberry
Alissa Winberry
Director of Sales at CAKE
“I had the pleasure of working with Ariel during my transition from the Boston Area to New York. During our partnership, Ariel was the constant professional. He was consistently engaged and went the extra mile to ensure that I had the resources and information needed to access various opportunities with my background. Ariel was extremely passionate about knowing me as a person first. An excellent listener, his approach resulted in us cultivating a relationship that transcends our partnership to this day and I would recommend his services to anyone.”
Frank McGehee
Frank McGehee
CRM/Loyalty Marketing at Paltalk
“Saying someone has a good work ethic is almost cliche these days, but Mike Giunta is the hardest working sales professional I know. As a recruiter he only brings me candidates he knows will fit my needs. He vets them thoroughly, and as a result I have hired my last three sales reps from him. I strongly recommend Mike as a recruiter or in any capacity that requires an indefatigable sales professional.”
Tom Koletas
Tom Koletas
SVP Advertising Programs at Madison Logic
``Yosef combines professionalism and his own personal touch to deliver an exceptional recruiting experience. Yosef listened to my needs and helped to find job opportunities that aligned with my goals and objectives. He was extremely responsive and followed up to ensure everything was moving in the right direction. Yosef and his company, AC Lion, exceeded my expectations.``
Krista Spreitzer
Krista Spreitzer
Sales Manager at Sizmek
“Cannot express how much Carolyn helped me in every step of the job searching process. Totally accessible and super friendly. Highly recommended.”
Michael Leszega
Michael Leszega
Senior Associate, Forecasting at Magna Global
“In a sea of ``digital media recruiters`` and an inbox full of ``new, exciting opportunities,`` Brielle stands so very far apart from the rest. I had the pleasure of working closely with Brielle over the past few months and she was truly a bright spot during the always cloudy job hunting process. Brielle balances realism and strategy with the most incredible level of enthusiasm and support when something is right. I can't endorse her enough--- does anyone else know a recruiter you can text at any hour of the night for a pep talk?!”
Kyle Udelson
Kyle Udelson
Account Executive at KIN Community
“Andrew was great to work with while I was looking to make a career transition. It was clear that he also cared about my goals and future, which is all too rare when working with most recruiters. I would highly recommend Andrew to any peers looking to making a move!”
Kaajal Pandya
Kaajal Pandya
Sales Development Representative at Upstream Commerce
“I enjoyed working with Giles very much. He was clear, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. He was a strong partner throughout the entire process. I really trusted him and I am glad I did. I got the job. I highly recommend Giles, and will now be leveraging his skills as I look for talent from the client seat.”
Rob Reifenheiser
Rob Reifenheiser
North American Head of Media at Essence
“Josh's vivacious and genuine personality is a breath of fresh air in the fast-paced world of recruiting. His work ethic is simply incredible and he sets the standard for everyone else in the office. What makes Josh so unique is that, despite his wild success at AC Lion, he is constantly trying to find ways to better himself; both as a recruiter as well as an individual. If you're working with Josh, it's like working with Allstate Insurance - ``you're in good hands.``
Nadav Geft
Nadav Geft
Director, Display Agency Services at Yahoo
“I have used Dan Shapiro and AC Lion numerous times for recruiting sales executives for my employers, currently Clearspring. Dan has consistently represented best in class talent, with skill sets that are expertly in line with my job openings. He finds individuals in a timely fashion, operates with integrity, and follows through on his promises. He has been invaluable in building my sales team on the east coast for Clearspring, which has tripled it's workforce in the last year.”
Edward Meisner
Edward Meisner
VP, Eastern Regional Sales Director at Adara Media
“If you are looking for new career opportunities in digital media/tech, Dave won't waste your time. Apart from being well-connected, he gets recruiting in the space and knows how to match the right opportunities to one’s skillset, core values, and professional goals. Unlike many recruiters I have worked with in the past, Dave focuses on building the longer-term relationship rather than closing the immediate deal—he is extremely thorough (provides feedback on all opportunities), checks in regularly, and gives honest advice on how best to increase ‘curb-side’ appeal to potential employers. What more you can ask for.”
Nikki Reyes
Nikki Reyes
Senior Associate at WIT Strategy
“Stacey is an absolute pleasure to work with and she's an expert in the field of digital media. She guided me towards my current position and I couldn't be happier with the results. I was looking for a specific type of opportunity and to relocate to a different city and Stacey was able to dig deep and find opportunities that fit my profile and qualifications. On top of that, she's reliable, responsive, and always makes you feel like she's on your side. I would recommend communicating with Stacey to navigate and gain an understanding of the opportunities available in digital media in your city. I'll always refer back to her and I've made a new friend in the process!”
Matthew Louisell
Matthew Louisell
Sales Manager at Thinknear by Telenav
“Meredith is the best recruiter that I have ever worked with! She helped me get a job within 2 months of my initial inquiry. She provided me with resources that helped gain a greater insight into the area I wanted to go into, which in turn made the interview easier as I knew more about the job I was applying for. When you work with Meredith, she truly cares and does not just throw things against the wall and hope they stick. She takes her time and ensures the job she is putting in front of you is a good fit, prior to even setting up the interview (which is what all recruiters should do). I would recommend Meredith in a heartbeat.”
Michael Baffuto
Senior Account Executive at Qualia
``Alex is the rare sort of recruiter who actually cares about the people he's placing in new positions. Since helping me find a new job almost a year ago, he has been very good about keeping in touch, periodically checking in to see how I'm doing. He took me out for coffee shortly after I got the job, and he remembered my one month anniversary with the company. I've since referred a number of people to him, and they've all told me how much they appreciate Alex's warm personality, dedication and follow-through. He is the best recruiter I've had the pleasure of working with, and I can't recommend him enough.”
Diane Lee
Diane Lee
Sr. Marketing Manager at VeriFone
“I would like to recommend Michael Adler as a valuable recruiter who delivers with impact and is highly effective within his field. I became acquainted with Michael in September 2009. He found me a position that was perfectly matched with my skill set, career aspirations, and goals. He was very thorough with the process, and was patient with my questions every step of the way. Michael is very knowledgeable and engages well in a personal and professional level.”
Jennifer Benson
Jennifer Benson
Director Corporate Learning at 2logical