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The New Mad Men: The Rise Of The Technical Marketer


“Big data has hit marketing and tech skills are beating creative ones hand down. These days, your in-house marketing person needs to be more adroit at data and demographics than print ads and product placement.”


– Bonnie Zaben, COO of AC Lion, Forbes

Web Surfers Think It’s a Swell Idea to Talk Business in Wetsuits

Mr. Cutter is trying to encourage those in New York’s burgeoning tech sector to dive into a popular West Coast pastime: surfing. “The ocean is the new golf course,”                         says Mr. Cutter, 43 years old.

– Alan Cutter, CEO of AC Lion

The Gamification of a Successful Sales Culture


“The challenge allowed a healthy outlet for friendly rivalries, while simultaneously fostering teamwork. By implementing a system which gamified the sales incentives, AC Lion was able to maintain motivation, create learning opportunities, and strengthen leadership skills.”

– Alan Cutter, CEO of AC Lion

10 Signs of Smartphone Addiction

“You know you’re addicted to your smartphone when you’d rather talk to Siri than your spouse.”


– Bonnie Zaben, COO of AC Lion, TECH.CO

5 Interview Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

“See if you have anything in common that you can use as an ice breaker,”


– Bonnie Zaben, COO of AC Lion, USNEWS

Should I write a post-interview thank-you note?

“Your approach to the thank-you note should reflect the company you interviewed with.”


– Bonnie Zaben, COO of AC Lion, THE WEEK

The Best Job Interview Questions We’ve Heard

“I ask the applicant about their hobbies, and then we do role-play. I want to see how they think quickly and compose coherent presentations. Are they recommending specific player changes? Can they quote stats to back up a position? Can they present a cogent argument in five minutes without dead air? You’d be surprised.”


– Bonnie Zaben, COO of AC Lion, The Huffington Post

Can Bad Credit Still Cost You a Job?

“I’ve heard an argument that hiring someone with bad credit can be a really smart move — that employee really needs the job and will stay longer.”


– Bonnie Zaben, COO of AC Lion, CNBC

4 Tips for Landing an Ad Agency Gig by Using Snapchat

“This isn’t iMovie or a text resume that you can edit, perfecting each shot or word.”


– Alan Cutter, CEO of AC Lion, ADWEEK

10 Gadgets Apple Should Release After the Watch

“iFly a personal transportation device that avoids highway congestion. The app monitors the traffic reports, and when your commute home will be too slow, you turn on the turbochargers!”


– Bonnie Zaben, COO of AC Lion, TECH.CO

These are millennials’ worst career mistakes

“I am part of a number of CEO groups in NYC, and hiring millennials is perhaps the most popular pain point.”


– Alan Cutter, CEO of AC Lion, NEW YORK POST

Talent Wars Agencies are battling Silicon Valley for the best people. Here’s how they can win

“There’s no question the inability to hire is holding back growth at the agencies.”


– Alan Cutter, CEO of AC Lion, ADWEEK

3 Easy Ways To Ruin Your Career

“When you leave a job without proper notice, you will be burning a bridge behind you.”


– Alan Cutter, CEO of AC Lion, Business Insider

This is the most ‘millennial’ career move

“Young people seeking work at her company have actually cited the imagery of ‘happy-looking’ employees in AC Lion’s job listings. Recent college graduates are worried about company culture and work environment.”


– Bonnie Zaben, COO of AC Lion, CNBC